11 Weeks.

I have 11 weeks left until Xenomorph is here. Anxiety is starting to build up, I don't really know what to expect other than PAIN! I am pretty much all sorted I have everything she needs, just the little bits to get now. Nothing has been built yet, it took me over an hour to…Read more 11 Weeks.

Not Alone.

For anyone dealing with a narcissist it can be extremely challenging and draining. You find yourself constantly questioning reality, your sanity and who you can trust. Breaking free of a narcissist can be difficult, you may feel they force their presence upon you even more, you may even feel stalked at times. It can be…Read more Not Alone.

Bye Bad Habits, Hello Good Habits.

I've been trying to break bad habits. My bad habits always included... Giving in to narcissists.Over-thinking.Allowing negative people to dictate my life. Never being kind to myself. Not taking 5 minutes out of the day to look after my mental wellbeing.Not doing the things that make me happy, in order to make others happy. A…Read more Bye Bad Habits, Hello Good Habits.